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Enigmatec GmbH was established in 2001 with its headquarter located in Berlin, Germany.

Main area of business is the software development of secure enterprise communication over a variety of different public networks as well as network consulting and Intranet design.

Both the board of directors and the employees share many years of experience and the necessary know-how in key technologies such as Internetworking, network security, data encryption, security management and biometrics.

In today's enterprises the level of cross-linkage in between and within the corporations always increases. Ideally, data should be easily available from everywhere but should only be accessible for a specific user group at a specific place.

Security of an IT infrastructure becomes a determining factor in today's business world.

Increasing safety concerns of enterprises and authorities with regard to access control and protection of their IT infrastructure, served as the main motivation for enigmatec's strategic engagement in Internet security solutions and the prevention of eavesdropping attacks thus enabling rapid market growth for the company's products.

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